opensuse 11 x64 and wine

i have opensuse 11 x64 (and not much expirience whit linux)
i wanted to install wine but when i try by updates it shows some eror or smthing and i can’t find nowhere to download it
my question is: is there wine for opensuse 11 x64 and where to find it/how to put it
(sorry if the thread is not in the right section)

Hi and welcome to the forums!

Are you installing using YaST > Software Management?
Wine should be in there and install just fine using that…

If you are getting an error there too please also post the exact error so we can help diagnose…


thanks for kind welcoming
um, i gues i’ve made mistake, in fakt, by installing using yast manager i see that wine is instaled but i can’t see from where to operate whit it

i use gnome if it matters

PS:i’m little newbie so write your answers simpler pls

To start run ‘winecfg’ to generate the first configuration. This creates a hidden folder in your users home directory ( ~/.wine )

If you have a simple Windows application that you want to launch you can run it first by entering ‘wine <path to file>/app.exe’ in a terminal console. If that works you can create a launcher on the desktop that does the same thing.

For GNOME users there is a nice add-on for WINE called wine-doors. I don’t know if this is already added to the repositories of openSUSE 11, with the RC it was not there yet.
The wine-doors gives an easy way of installing many well known applications.

To install with a windows setup file right click it in Nautulis and run it with wine.

If you are running into problems installing or running a windows app try looking through the Wine app database or also have a look through their forums. Wine HQ

Hope that helps a bit…


ok ty
i saw wine screen but how should i work whit it
and i installed wine doors from yast but what next?