openSUSE 11.X Addon NonOss

Hi! I installed Open Suse 11.3, but no support mp3, mp4, dvd
the question is about openSUSE 11.X Addon NonOss . If i install this addon it has this support?

Well for mp3 music files if run amarok will write you that mp3 music files are not supportable and suggest you to download the mp3 codec. For dvd you must download windows librtaries

you must add as repository
so in terminal write


then give your password

then write

 # zypper addrepo -f 

This is for dvds

You must also add as repository packman repository

In terminal

 #zypper addrepo -f 

I give you also other repositories who you must add
Additional package repositories - openSUSE

Did you realy mis the very first thread in this multimedia forum? Multimedia in One Click

Ooops!! I complitely forgot it (Restricted formats/11.3 - openSUSE Community Wiki)
Thanks Mr Henk Van Velden who you reminded me.

Are you referring to libdvdcss here? That is not a “windows library”.

I mean to play wma files etc. I call windows libraries. Of course are not windows libraries. I call them myself.

How can others know what you call things yourself which deviate from common usage? That will confuse others, especialy newcomers.

Οk sorry for this argo language!!