openSUSE 11 with HP Colorlaserjet CP1514n prints black lineblocks instead of linefeeds

since 11.2 I have trouble with my HP Colorlaserjet CP1514n on KDE. It always prints black blocklines with lots of toner waste instead of empty linefeeds. I have tried different drivers and 11.3 and 11.4 are not different in the results.
Also use of Turboprint has no better print picture.

Has anybody an idea what to do?


HP provide good support for printers under Linux. You haven’t provided details about how you initially configured your printer.

  1. Did you install the hplip package?

  2. Did you use hp-setup (as root) to detect printer and configure?

Deano, you are the hit! I used hplip package, but did not use the hp-setup function, only the setup from yast2.
With this setup now it work great.

Thank you very much!