openSUSE 11 RC1: gvfs: Permission denied

This by itself as su did it for me. Thanks.

umount /home/[username]/.gvfs

Yes, works great cause I couldn’t stat the file. Question: Why am I unmounting .gvfs? It’s not in /etc/fstab nor listed with df. What app is in charge of using it as a “dev” or filesystem? Anyway, good fix for the problem!

This fixed it for me

umount /home/[username]/.gvfs
chmod 700 /home/[username]/.gvfs

Then I have run the openSUSE YaST online update for gvfs-programms.

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FYI: you reopened a very old thread, regarding the first RC for openSUSE 11.0, which is way past it’s lifetime.