openSUSE 11 RC1 and KDM

I wasn’t sure if this should be in Pre-Release or Applications.

First off, I think openSUSE just gets better and better with each release. I may be a convert. Congrats to everyone on their great work!

I’m setting up a new box for my mother who is approaching 60. Everything needs to be simple. She doesn’t like change. Things must be as intuitive as possible.

She is going from XP to Linux (tired of cleaning up all the viruses and spyware). In XP, she could click on a user pick to select a user to log in.

In the kcontrol, if I go to Password/Privacy and try to select a user picture there, it says “Administrator has disabled user pictures.” If I set a user pic in the usual Login Manager area, it doesn’t show up.

Is there a way to set a user pic?


Hi, If you are using KDE4 (or 3, have not tested it) you need to run system settings as a root user and edit it from there. In system settings click advanced tab, then login manager, then users (6) and in the middle right you will see user images. That is for KDE4, no clue why they made it so hard. I intend to point this out, a module needs to be added that can adjust some users things, but I think that might be a goal already for 4.2. If your not running 4.0.4 then someone else will need to answer, although login as root should also work for KDE 3.5.9

Here is the next stupid question.

In KDE 3 the command was kcontrol. What is the command in KDE 4 to get to System Settings? I’m assuming I have to run:

kdesu command

To run System Settings as root, since I can’t log in as root.

you should be able to log on as root, at least I could. But I’ll dig up the command also.

kdesu systemsettings

there you go.

Yep, that was a stupid question.

I tried doing a search in krunner for “system” and the systemsettings command didn’t come up for some reason.