Opensuse 11 randomly freezes on mouse clicks

I’ve been using linux for some time, but just recently decided to try out openSuse. The problem is, every once in a while when I click on something, everything freezes - the mouse won’t move, the keyboard doesn’t work, and the only way to fix this is to do a hard reboot (and lose everything I was working on). This occurs fairly often, at least once within an hour, sometimes almost immediately after booting. Could someone please help? I really like opensuse but will have to use another distro if i cant get this fixed!

Some other info: I’m using kde 3.5.9 with an nvidia graphics card, I don’t experience the problem with any other distro or OS (ie its not hardware related), and the entire system freezes not just the screen (i know this because I have an LED on my computer that shows system activity and it shows no activity even when i try key combinations to log out or restart the computer)

I have (had?) the same problem. Removing the ATI proprietary driver and going to the opensource one seems to have worked. But you have nvidia :confused:

From what i’ve read in other threads you can try uninstalling Beagle and check if you have reiserfs for filesystem. I think that is a known bug.


Hey thanks for your help. The problem was reiser fs. I formatted and reinstalled using EXT3 and now have no more freezes!

I seem to have the same problem with my SuSe 11 installed on Asus F3Jc (Nvidia GeForce Go 7300).

What is reiser fs and what should I do to solve this problem?

Reiser fs refers to a filesystem, like ext3 or fat. There is a know bug with reiserfs in openSUSE11. I think the installer defaults to ext3 so if you didn’t change that during the install you shouldn’t have any problem.
You can check that for example by using the “my computer” icon on the desktop, as it shows the partitions/drives and the filesystemm, besides other information.