OpenSUSE 11 on MacBook aluminum

Hi, I have to ask for help because of a big problem with the graphic board’s drivers.
Two days ago I installed OpenSUSE 11 on my MacBook (the last version with aluminum casing), I had to do the workaround from the SUSE wiki for GRUB, but in the end the system booted.
Than I succeeded in fixing the wifi, but the graphic board’s drivers were the VESA one, and the screen resolution was blocked on 800x600 pixels (I tried to change it to other 4:3 resolutions, but it didn’t worked, I don’t know if it is a problem itself); so I installed the nVIDIA drivers from this page, but after restarting the system, nothing had changed.
I typed (logged in as su) the instructions given in the page above, but as a result the Sax2 display module doesn`t work anymore and X crashes soon after. I tried to repair the system end edit the xorg.conf file, but nothing, the driver is still the VESA and the resolution unchangeable.

Any ideas?

(I have to precise that this is my first Linux installation, so my abilities are very low :slight_smile: