OpenSUSE 11 / KDE4 / Problems with repositories

I have recently noticed the following problem:
When I’m trying to refresh the OSS or the Non-OSS repo, I get the error: “connect() timed out!” It also happens, when I’m installing any package from one of this two repos.
It’s been lasting for more than an hour by now, and I also can access these repos with my browser (by simply typing their addresses :wink: ). So I am worried that it may be a problem with my software, not with the repos.
So can you just tell me not to worry, cause you’ve got the same problems, so it’s connected with the repositories? :wink: Otherwise, could you tell me, how to fix it? :slight_smile:

I would suggest u use the OSS and NON-OSS mirrors for now, here

Mirrors Released Version - openSUSE

thats what I am doing cause the oss and non-oss repos r giving me problems too :frowning:

Haven’t thought about it :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot :slight_smile: