opensuse 11 kde4 compiz-fusion strange black flickering

watch this video if it isn’t embedded above

why does this happen and is it fixable

when a window is up a any window it flickers. if a minimize or close a window it stops it doesn’t happen every time i open a windows it’s seemingly random. when i switch to kwin it still flickers for about 5 minutes then it stop and never happens again until i start compiz and then it’s random


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Looks like a video driver issue. Not sure whether you’re using the opensource nv driver or the proprietary nvidia driver, but whichever it is, you may want to either reinstall it or install the alternative.

It is the nvidia made one
from the nvidia rpm repo
i reinstalled it is now up to date
but it still happens
i also beleive i should mention that even when kwin runs compositing this never happens
and i have tried other compositing window managers
compiz fusion is the only window manager that causes this to happen
and when i switch to any window manager it stay flickery for 5 minutes then doesn’t do it again till i start compiz

it has to be compiz

oh ya and only kde 4
kde 3.5 and gnome and xfce all work with no problems