opensuse 11 + kde 3.5, font size for kde4 apps

Hi, I have installed Opensuse 11 with kde 3.5. I can change the size of default fonts with the kde control panels, but kde4 apps (like the yast ones) still uses small fonts, is ther any setting for that?

YaST operates in root mode so the font for root needs to be specified. The font for Qt4 apps is set using using “qtconfig” tab “Fonts”. You need to use qtconfig as root to get the font in YaST fixed. This was annoying me for a week too.

Thanks a lot. It works!

I just installed both the KDE 3 and 4 desktop sessions, logged into both, and set my preferences in both places.

Thanks for the tip re qtconfig! That fixed the KDE4 Yast modules.

However, the font in the KDE4 Yast Control Center is still messed up, almost too small to read. (It’s OK on 3.5.9.) I suspect it is getting its font spec from a control file somewhere, but I can’t find one.


Well, I spoke too soon in the above post . . .

While the Yast Control Center menu is correct in 3.5.9, the modules are not affected by making the font change in qtconfig.

And again, in KDE 4 the modules fonts were changed with qtconfig, but the Control Center menu is not.



Was this problem ever solved?

I have the same problem.
I can change some of the fonts in ‘qtconfig’ and some of the rest of them in ‘qtconfig’ from root, but there are still some I can’t change.

I’m running openSUSE 11.0 and KDE4.0.

Thanks in advance,

> I’m running openSUSE 11.0 and KDE4.0.

my guess is your font problems will fade into history once you dump
the very buggy beta code of KDE4.0 and move toward 4.3.x