OpenSuse 11 Installation stuck at resizing windows partition

Hi All,

I am installing - dual booting opensuse 11 gnome with xp.
everything goes well and i choose partition based setup.
Since i already had kubuntu installed on my system ext3 and swap partitions are existing so i went with the ext3 partition - selected and chose install – now installation is getting stuck - kind off
It reads - Shrinking partition /dev/sda6 to 41.3GB(progress basr might not move) –
at this screen it is stuck from last 15 mins.
Questions - why is it trying to resize the partition which is not ext3 type.
Second – Am i doing something wrong?

Any help is appreciated .

Ok thanks everyone anyways going back to ubuntu 8.04
will give Suse another try after somedays.
Can’t afford to keep my system out of action – no offence

I had the same problem with my install; I tried resizing the windows partition and it failed every time.
The most likely reason for this failure is windows XP or Vista. To resolve this problem you need to assign a size to the paging file in windows. By default the paging size is set to “Automatic” - this is the problem.
If this doesn’t solve the problem, then also turn off System Restore (or again limit it’s size). That should do it.

Installation/11.0 DVD Install - openSUSE

Hello Rohan,

You wanted to use UBUNTU partitions for OpenSuSe or you wanted to install OpenSuSe & also wanted to keep Kubuntu?

You don’t have to shrink Windows partitions to install OpenSuSe although that nasty partition creater asks you for!!

I beleive you assigned some space for OpenSuSe.
It’s highly recomanded to create RAW space for OpenSuSe installation. So that you can use that space to create Reizer FS/ext3 partition & swap space. Rest is next, next and finish :wink:
Most people get confused at SuSe’s partitioner.
You can select Advanced user and click on your HDD to manually create partition tables and also select which OS in what order you want to see when boot loader displays on screen.