openSuSE 11, HP 2133 Mini-Note, Misc. Hardware Drivers

Greetings and god evening to all in the community.

A few weeks ago, I acquired a new HP 2133 Mini-Note with SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 on it. I replaced some of the hardware, notable the 120GB 5400rpm HDD with a 200GB 7200rpm model and threw in an extra GB of RAM

Doing so meant I had to reload an OS, and I went with openSuSE 11. I just got the Broadcom Wireless LAN working on it this evening (thanks in no small part to a modest Linux-deity) and can now begin the seemingly painstaking task of bringing all the drivers back to operational status.

The trick is that HP only offers RPMs that seem to be compiled for SuSE 10, not openSuSE 11. Here’s some links to get everybody on the same page:

Main Driver Support Page @
HP 2133 Mini-Note PC*-* Download drivers and software - HP Business Support Center

Linux ISO For SuSE LInux Enterprise Desktop 10:
HP 2133 Mini-Note PC*-* Download drivers and software - HP Business Support Center

Windows XP Professional Version of Drivers:
HP 2133 Mini-Note PC*-* Download drivers and software - HP Business Support Center

I am pretty sure that what I’m looking for are the following, for now:

Integrated Webcam: Chicony Camera
Microphone / Sound Card: ADI SoundMAX AD1984A (sound card currently works, but microphone doesn’t?)

What would be a series of good tests to get more information about how these devices are currently functioning in my kernel, and do you think that it would be a good idea to attempt to use the SuSE 10 RPMs on the devices or might that give me some errors?

Thanks in advance for your support on getting my lappy back up to full strength. You guys rock!

Were you ever able to resolve either of these issues? I have a 2133 and am very pleased with it but would like to be able to use the hardware to it’s fullest extent.

Actually, bdorminy, you’re the first response I’ve had to this. I’ve since reinstalled the 2133 with Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 (which runs significantly better than Vista Home Premium) and resized the Linux partition. I couldn’t get Ubuntu 8.04 to work at all - did the same thing Fedora 9 does with the screen that goes 100% white.

Reinstalled openSUSE 11 after that, this time with KDE4 instead of GNOME and am having my own brand of troubles that I didn’t have in GNOME. My desktop (same driver packages, RPMs, hardware, etc.) is stuck in 800x600 and on a 2133’s screen, that looks none too pleasant.

Unfortunately, I’m in the busiest time of year at work so I won’t have a chance to look into it more for another couple weeks. I’ll post up here if/when I find something.

The “white screen of death” on HP 2133s when installing Ubuntu or Fedora can be fixed by passing “xforcevesa” as a kernel boot argument.

Once the OS is installed and you’ve loaded on the Via graphics drivers, you can remove the xforcevesa argument.

Interesting. I heard about that, but I’m still not all that adept at using a BASH prompt. Think there’s a How-To you could link me at, or just write up something (as verbose as possible) so I can attempt to get around that.

As a note, it does that when I live boot too; sometimes I can’t even get to a prompt.

I have the HP 2133, but my vga port will not work after I installed Opensuse 11. Any ideals. I am not very good at Linux and trying to make a stab at it, any help on this would be great.

I have the same problem. I unstalled Ubuntu 8.04. They have a very good how to page

But I still can’t get wpa2 to work, nor can I get the video output to work. What is your experience with OpenSUSE 11? I have always run SUSE, but was so turned off by HP’s SLED 10 that I decided to try something different.

So do the other Fn keys work (e.g., volume)? Did you get audio to work properly? How is the wi-fi?

Hi there all , hopefully someone can help !

i bought a hp mini-note with Suse 10 novel i think on it from currys ,but there is a issue there is a password on the currys account which the administrator account password, thus it prevents me from going on the internet etc as it wants the passowrd from the currys admin account.The store dont know what the password is and i did not get any disks with it.

HElp !! i have had it for months and have been unable to do anything with it.

The solution is really simple. Dump the ancient novell sles and install the latest Ubuntu. It works like a charm on the MiniNote. And it is the only system I have (SUSE, Ubuntu, OSX, Windows) that actually successfully upgrades itself.
Don’t get the notebook version of Ubuntu. Get the regular workstation 32-bit version.

Since your running SLED, please re-post your question over in the forums
at as this is the openSUSE forums :slight_smile:

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No not really. SLED10 isn’t ancient and still has another few years of
support to go. It may not be running the latest kernel, DE etc however
it’s just as secure etc with patches and updates as the latest openSUSE

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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