Opensuse 11 GDM Issue (Possible small security Issue)

I have been working on Toshiba Satellite (a135-s4487)

It has a Fingerprint read Which I enable in yast, then I when to user and goup management and scanned my fingerprint into two users.

Then I tested it in the terminal and it work fine.

As many of you will know that the kdm doesn’t support a fingerprint login yet, but the gdm does. I uninstalled the kdm and installed the gdm.

I then rebooted and a really ugly login screen in something like 8bit color showed up. But the fingerprint authentication worked great so I did more research into why the beautiful gdm theme’s where not working.

I learn that you had to login to Yast go to system and then open “/etc/sysconfig Editor”. Once you have done this you go to desktop and then display manager where you can select your display manager gdm or any of the others. I selected gdm and finally I had a beautiful login screen.

However I also gained a security issue.

I could login to my two general user accounts with out their passwords.

Does Any have an idea of how to fix this

Not only do you not need a password for any of the general accounts,

Root doesn’t require a password either.

(note I am trying to use the gdm rather than the kdm, so that I can use a fingerprint reader)