OPENSUSE 11, Error occurred while installing GRUB

Error occurred while installing GRUB; ERROR 5: Partition table invalid or corrupt.

This happens when I try to install v11 on my new PC. It sets up the partitions, goes through copying all the files to HDD, Saves the configuration and then fails on “Install boot manager”. Logical Disk was blank when I started, ie it has only OPENSUSE on it.

PC is an AMD Phenom, 2GB RAM, 2x500GB HDD in RAID 1. I have previously successfully installed Windows Server 2003 on it in order to make sure the hardware works.

Any ideas?

I have found that Yast2 also breaks the RAID configuration of the controller during the install. That might be why it can’t access the partition table correctly. Will now test with the disks configured as HDCP instead.

It seems that OPENSUSE will not recognise the RAID set I’ve defined in the RAID controller BIOS but sees the drives okay if they are left as undefined in the RAID controller. If I then want to use RAID1 It requires me to define three partitions on each drive and set up 3 RAID1 mirrors. Why can’t it see my RAID controller correctly???

Fixed it!!!

By setting up the RAID in BIOS, starting the SUSE install and selecting “Manual configuration” it let me see the RAID but the partitions were set to go to only one of the disks. I could then delete all the partitions and create new ones on the RAID set. The install then continued as intended!


i am trying to setup suse the same way. The first time i installed i just ran the defaults and saw the same grub error. Ever since them i havent been able to successfully install. From what i have gathered there seems to be a problem where the “grub” gets installed, but from what you posted it seems like you had a better run at the install. Can you help a brother out? How did you go about the installation?

I have RAID1 setup in the bios. suse sees both my 750gb sata drives (689gb). I am not sure what changes i need to make or when(partition setup?).

system is a Precision workstation 490, 2.0 xeon processor, 2 gb ram, 2 sata drives 750gb.

nevermind, i figured it out also. This was my first time installing linux in a raid config.

If anyone else has problems installing Raid, setup from BIOS, it is easy to setup in suse 11. Dont know if anyone will view this but if so, you just set it up how rog said.

When you get to partition setup, go to edit partition setup, and setup your raid set in the BIOS raid set.


My problems are worse, OpenSuSE doesn’t see the controller at all, so no disks (exept the boot disk) is found.

Can you please tell me which RAID controller (chipset, version, …) you are using?

Thanks a lot

This thread is old. I strongly suggest you create a new thread explaining your problem. Be sure to describe exactly what RAID controller you are using and what you are using to create the array.