Opensuse 11, Dell 1720, 8600m GT - disappointing

Oops… I am sorry for the delay.
I did configure desktop → Keyboard and Mouse → Keyboard Shortcuts → Kmix from dropdown

There you can see many options for setting volume and others.
Click on the one you need and then set the custom shortcut…

Now for Amarok. You can got to settings–>globalshortcuts and do the same…

Hope it works !!!

Well, I fear that also Suse uses proprietary drivers, but without checking if they are broken! You will find the most of them in the non-oss repository. As example, Canon, Intel wireless, atheros, some HP’s and so on. Please, take a look to the functionality of what you get out of the box and don’t wonder if people, mostly beginners, change distribution.
It would be great if the Suse Team would check at least the open source packages…
Furthermore, I don’t regard Linux as computer game, but rather as freeware OS focusing on usability. As long as the necessary open source packages are not available we are forced to use the proprietary ones, or stop using Linux.
If I remember correctly, the great Compiz was developed by Novell, but requires proprietary drivers for the graphic cards, at least right now.
Finally, I do believe that the best way to help the distribution is the sincerity. However, I don’t forget the smartness and I admire Novell. Despite all, they also are not perfect. :slight_smile: