OpenSUSE 11 checksum failures

I can’t seem to get the OpenSUSE 11 .iso’s I download to pass the md5sum check. I’ve downloaded multiple instances of the DVD, Gnome Live CD, and KDE4 Live CD and every time the MD5SUM check fails. This is on a newly installed instance of another distro on a brand new hard drive, with firewall, SELinux, and disk encryption enabled. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks.


If you are downloading with bittorrent - force a re-check.

Are you checking the md5 in k3b or from a terminal?

Have you tried burning one and running a media check (I know, it’s not likely to work, just asking)

check sum values dvd
ed6a5b3feb668866df812b1c2aed9d7f openSUSE-11.0-DVD-i386.iso
113c3ef0509db0e00310e19085f3a197 openSUSE-11.0-DVD-ppc.iso
512c8346b0f8eb35f28c4eb96454d391 openSUSE-11.0-DVD-x86_64.iso


fe733c3cb3708245682bdf11ceb389f5 openSUSE-11.0-NET-i386.iso
99c8b1c92b87b5ab63002317a83bf775 openSUSE-11.0-Addon-Lang-i386.iso
723f4bb8e9cc0a507212f29e6aa48970 openSUSE-11.0-Addon-Lang-ppc.iso
558879cc74347ec19482bed02b026672 openSUSE-11.0-Addon-Lang-x86_64.iso
c9d2c31ef7a1429d1abbb0cbd3ba505b openSUSE-11.0-GNOME-LiveCD-i386.iso
07317f00f062f9322bb059b42a33781b openSUSE-11.0-GNOME-LiveCD-x86_64.iso
83b1a04f18d6782cfe0407edadac377f openSUSE-11.0-KDE4-LiveCD-i386.iso
7db4c1c89dd62b8b97950f54c56d4a41 openSUSE-11.0-KDE4-LiveCD-x86_64.iso
688224f8b2338f3350d8131617f366cd openSUSE-11.0-NET-ppc.iso
65cf4856cf60720edaf9cad6b4bb8cd4 openSUSE-11.0-NET-x86_64.iso

OK, I finally got a fresh download of KDE4 Live CD to pass. I’ve been checking them in K3B. i did nothing different this time. I have no idea why it worked when it had failed multiple times before. Oh, well. I can get on with installing it now. Thanks for the response.


Run the media check from the cd before you install.

I would recommend a DVD for install, but if a CD is all you can manage…

OK. I’m near the end of my most recent download of the DVD, so I’ll see how this one acts. Thanks.


You don’t need to keep re-downloading if you put the downloaded image in to bittorrent to can re-check in there.
Even if you have a http download you can do this:

start a torrent of the same file dvd or cd then stop it.
To make sure the file name is IDENTICAL - copy the file name of the newly started torrent

go back to the http image you have and re-name using the one you just copied

Now right click copy the http image and paste to the location of your torrent download

when that is done, force a re-check of the file in the torrent client