openSuse 11 and wireshark

I have an openSuse 11 installation. I install wireshark from the standard repository.

The problem is that when I run wireshark and activate Capture>Option, the Capture Options Dialog box ‘interface’ entry is empty. When I enter an interface (eg. eth0) and click ‘start’, it gives an error message. “The capture session could not be initiated (socket: Operation not permitted). Please check to make sure you have sufficient permissions, and that you have the proper interface or pipe specified”.

I should note that when I start wireshark, it asks me for the password. The user session that i’m on when running wireshark is not root. Could that be the problem?

Could you tell me what could be wrong. what log files should i be looking at? What should i modify to give proper access permissions? etc


I have only run wireshark as root. There is probably another way to setup permissions for another user, but I don’t know it.

I found an interesting behavior.

Previously, I would run wireshark from the menu bar. When wireshark starts, it asks for the root password. After the login and wireshark would continue (I didn’t mention this step previously). The Capture Options dialog box would indicate that Interface is empty. The rest follows from the initial posting.

This time, I created a console window. logged in as root and then started wireshark from the command line. Wireshark would work as expected (ie, I would see the eth0 interface) and I can happily capture data.

After I exited from wireshark. and I attempted the same procedure as outlined in the original posting (ie starting from the menu bar), now, I can see the interface containing the proper selections and everything works as expected.

Any opinions/comments?