opensuse 11.4 upgrade - conflicting hw fb usage nouveaufb vs VESA VGA - removing generic driver

I upgraded my 11.3 system to 11.4 yesterday. After the upgrade process, the system reboots from the hard disk, displays the graphical chameleon, progress bar is just starting and then hangs. I found that when booting in safe-mode the following two lines is where all activity seems to stop:

[drm] nouveau 0000:01:00.0: Detected an NV50 generation card (0x086200a2)
fb: conflicting fb hw usage nouveaufb vs VESA VGA - removing generic driver

Any help is greatly appreciated. The system used to work with two monitors on 11.3.

Using “nomodeset” as one of the boot parameters shows some progress in both normal mode and in safe mode. KDE loads, but keyboard and mouse do not function. Plugging in a new mouse or keyboard over USB does not work either.

I restored xorg.conf.d which I had renamed earlier trying to isolate problems in some fashion. Anyway, once restored, the keyboard and the mouse work. Everything else seems to be alright as well. Done. “nomodeset” flag is what lets me use the system at this point. I guess this means that the nouveau display drivers are not in use, but I don’t think it matters to me that much.

other things:
I noticed the driver used in xorg.conf is “nv”. When this xorg.conf.d was not present, a default xorg.conf.d got created, but it had only one file related to keytable.

nv is lower function then nouveau driver. If you plan on Multi-monitors ot 3D acceleration you will need the propitiatory nividia driver.