openSuse 11.4: scrambled audio when playing certain mp3 files

Sound on my openSuse 11.4 box works nicely. Playing mp3 files is also mostly OK.
However, when trying to play any of the files from
30 WPM Code Archive I get scrambled and distorted audio.

I am getting this with rhythmbox, Amarok, and MPlayer.
For MPlayer, I am seeing this behaviour only for the mp3 and ffmpeg codecs. Playing with the mpeg123 codec works fine.

Any ideas?

I see something similar, although I did not look into this in the detail you did (I compared mplayer playback to ffplay playback).

But I confess I am a bit more stubborn ( ? ) or perhaps have a bit more faith ( ? ) and don’t think this is an openSUSE-11.4 fault, but rather I am more suspicious of the construct of those mp3 and suspect there was a systemic error made in their creation. My knowledge in this is not strong enough to raise that to be higher than a suspicion.

Thanks for the feedback.

I suspect that it is caused by an unfortunate combination of peculiarities in the mp3 files and changes in the codecs.

Fedora up to and including F13 does not have this problem while F15 does (never checked F14).
Debian Squeeze only shows this behaviour when the fluendo mp3 codec is installed.

FYI, I had this issue, and for me it was resolved by removing:

gstreamer-0_10-fluendo-mp3 - GStreamer plug-in from Fluendo for MP3 support

Now the mp3s that didn’t play all play fine!

This solved a warped audio issue I was having with certain MP3s in 12.1… Great tip! Exactly what I was looking for!