opensuse 11.4 rc2 on Hyper-v

Hi All

Just insdtalled rc2 on hyper-v and was really pleased to see the virtual network adapter, time sync and heartbeat/shutdown supported out of the box.

That just leaves me with the storage drivers ( to increase performance).

Anyone know how to load the



Although I have done a fair bit of commandline config drivers are not my strongpoint.

Many thanks



You can load kernel modules by editing /etc/sysconfig/kernel and adding your modules into the space separated list called MODULES_LOADED_ON_BOOT.
For instance, MODULES_LOADED_ON_BOOT=“hv_blkvsc hv_netvsc hv_storvsc”. This is what I use on my openSUSE 11.3 running also on Hyper-V.

By the way, you can also use YaST to set it up under System, /etc/sysconfig editor and then browse to System, Kernel.

The Hyper-V drivers can be found in /lib/modules/, should be the same for 2.6.37.

I will update to 11.4 to be able to use the shutdown integration. I hope it’s stable now because I tried installing the 2.6.37 kernel on my 11.3 and it was very unstable, I had to quit.


11.4 has all the hyper-v drivers loaded via KMS by default except the storage drivers.
This makes installing much easier.
I loaded the storage drivers via initrd as you suggested,
You also need to change /etc/fstab amd /boot
/grub/menu.lst to load then on boot
I have had no problems with shutdown or time sync.

I would hold off 11.4 if you want to do hyper-v as I currently have an issue with hv_netvsc if I enable the hv_blkvsc driver. hv_blkvsc is really esential for disk performance although it works fine without.

Of course you may not see this and it may be perculiar to my environment.



I am trying to get 11.4 fully up on Hyperv. None of the extended Hyperv extensions appear to have loaded. I have no network or mouse and extended storage support. I added the lines to the hv_blkvsc hv_netvsc hv_storvsc hv_timesource hv_utils hv_vmbus to the sysconfig. I do not see it starting things up though.

Mike stated he had to also edit the /etc/fstabl and /boot/grub/menu.lst What would he have added there to make this work.

Any direct would be apperciated