Opensuse 11.4: RADEONDRIGetVersion failed (libdri too old)

Hello everybody,

After upgrading to OpenSuse 11.4 I don’t get 3D acceleration working. I have an ATI FireGL V3100 (RV370) graphics card and am currently running the radeon driver. For the hardware acceleration to work I need direct rendering, but my /var/log/Xorg.0.log file says:

(EE) RADEON(0): [dri] RADEONDRIGetVersion failed (libdri too old)
[dri] Disabling DRI.

As far as I can see, libdri is part of xorg-x11-server. YAST2 says that I have version 7.6_1.9.3-15.24.2 installed; No newer version seems to be available, so I find it hard to believe that the dri library really should be too old. Any thought? I used to have direct rendering working before with Suse 11.3.

Thanks in advance.

Well, I seem to have solved it; adding manually
Load “dri”
Load “dri2”
to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-device.conf
did the trick. Not sure what this has to do with a “too old” library, but anyway.