Opensuse 11.4 on hyper-v network not working

Hi There,

I have recently migrated one of our old servers running opensuse 11.4 to hyper-v, On hyper v i have 1 cpu allocated and 24GB of Ram and a legacy network card. once i allocate more than 1 cpu to the vm the network stops working , when booting, i matched the services and i do not see something that does not start. network services are running but cannot ping the server or ping from the server, even changing to DHCP server gets an ip on boot pings twice then no network.

I’m just wondering if anyone ever had a similar issue with opensuse and hyper-v.
and if there is a quick fix available. or something i’m overlooking

I would probably look to see if the network configuration in the openSUSE instance is picking up the correct card, or if it’s attached the network card to the original hardware’s configuration.

The easiest way to do this is to rerun the network configuration tool in YaST and have it autodetect the network configuration again. The cards are bound by a hardware ID (or MAC address, I don’t recall which), and just copying the configuration over isn’t sufficient to get the network working.