OpenSUSE 11.4 no sound problem

Hello all

I installed OpenSUSE 11.4 with GNOME. but system audio not working at all. I’ve try Yast -> Sound->other->play test sound. no sound at all. when I was try to add another card to test it always show me error:

The kernel module snd-intel8x0 for sound support
could not be loaded. This can be caused by incorrect
module parameters, including invalid IO or IRQ parameters.

My laptop is Lenovo R400

This is a laptop ? Do NOT try to add another card. Thats a mistake. Go with the default card that YaST selects.

The error you quote can be eliminated by removing the /etc/modprobe.d/50-sound.conf file (do NOT put backups in the /etc/modprobe.d directory) and then go back to YaST > Hardware > sound and configure there USING the sound card YaST detects.

Sound should work on this laptop. According to Think wiki this laptop has an Intel HD Audio with a CX20561 Intel HD Audio with a CX20561 hardware audio codec, which works in Linux.

I recommend you install the application ‘pavucontrol’ and then run ‘pavucontrol’ and use it to select your audio device

Thanks, Its working now