opensuse 11.4 halts at console before login screen

I have an electricity issue i.e Electric Power stops ocassionaly (Load Shedding). If the system was running when electricity went. But when the power comes back, the system starts and opensuse stops before login screen on console screen where it requires root password and then fsck for filesystem. Is there anyways to avoid it?

With a journaled file system, I think this is necessary. fsck is necessary to fix the damage (to the OS) of many open file when the power was pulled.

The best way to fix it IMHO is to purchase a hardware UPS. Then one runs an application that communicates (via usb connection, or in the old days a serial connection) from one’s PC to the UPS. When power is lost, the UPS batteries provide power. The UPS tells the computer power is lost and the application then starts a proper shutdown of one’s PC (before the batteries run out).