Opensuse 11.4 gnome-games swell-foop unplayable

Hello everyone,

I have an Opensuse 11.4 default installation with gnome and I’m writing to ask about the game called “Swell Foop” that replaced Same Gnome in this version of Gnome (2.32). The system has all the updates/patches applied as of Monday evening June 6. I have gnome-games-recommended-2.32.1-10.1.i586 installed and I am using the radeonhd driver but the video driver doesn’t seem to make any difference as I have the same issue on three machines, one with an ATI, one with an Intel, and one with an Nvidia graphics adapter.

The game starts up but immediately consumes so much CPU that I can barely use the mouse. The game is virtually unplayable like this (crashed on me three times trying to get to Help|About). I searched Google, the Opensuse forums and mailing lists but did not find anything specific to Opensuse. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is there a fix for it shy of installing Gnome 3 which I do not want to do at this point.