OpenSUSE 11.4 Gnome 2.3 Display Problem

I have a fresh install of OpenSUSE 11.4 64bit and I have installed the AMD Display drivers for my Radeon HD 5970. Everything seems to be working quite well. I have a multiple monitor setup (1280x1024 monitor and a 1920x1080 monitor).

I have my primary display set to 1920x1080, however when I try to enable the second display, I get a CRTC error that the display is over the maximum (1920x1920). If I enable both monitors at lower resolutions, there is no problem.

I have done a fair bit of reading and have been unable to determine where this maximum is set, or how to change it. I’d like to be able to run both monitors at their native resolutions.

Attached is a screenshot:

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I see you are trying to use Gnome’s ‘Monitor Preferences’. Since you are using the proprietary AMD/ATI driver, try using the amdcccle configuration utility instead. (Unfortunately, I can only use the radeon driver with my old ATI chipset, so can’t assist more specifically).

You may find these HOW TO’s useful concerning dual monitor configuration with the proprietary fglrx driver:

X.Org/Dual Monitors/ATI - Gentoo Linux Wiki

Dual Monitor Setup – Ubuntu ATI « Web-Dev

Both use the aticonfig utility to generate xorg.conf for dual monitor configuration.

It may be that the driver is now XRandR compliant (I’m not up to date here), which would mean that you could also try configuring with ‘xrandr’. However, this may still be ‘no go’ for dual screen configuration. YMMV.