openSuSE-11.4 freezes when running a KVM virtual machine

Hi there,

I have 3 boxes running opensuse-11.4 64 bit - Phenom-I 2.6 GHz, Intel Q9400 quad core 2.66 GHz and Intel SU7300 dual core 1.3 GHz (the last one is a laptop).
When I run a KVM virtual machine and load it quite a lot all host OS freeze. Interestingly, the laptop works the longest (hours), while the fastest system with Q9400 freezes in max. 10 minutes. After a hard reboot there is nothing in /var/log/messages
This bug is 100% reproducible. The guest OS is either RHEL or openSUSE
Is it a 11.4 bug or I am missing something ?
Have not tried the same hardware with RHEL-6 - will do it on Monday.

Yes, it works fine on an enterprise kernel.
Bug ?