openSUSE 11.4 Freezes after sleep

I have recently Installed openSUSE 11.4 64bit to dual boot with Windows 7 (12.1 was unable to be installed) on my ASUS laptop, i7 processor, Nvidia 555M 2GB Video Card, 6GB RAM.
I have been have a small problem at first the laptop was over heating, I Installed the Nvidia drivers from the repository that solved that problem.
my biggest problem now is that whenever i close my laptop i am unable to restart Linux and must hard reboot.

When I reopen the Cover I get a text interface with a background similar to the shutdown/restart listing asking me to login but i am unable to input any data.

I had the start up problem used to nomodeset at boot up installed the video drivers haven’t had that problem again

any help would be highly appreciated.


P.S.: Linux is dived in a 60GB logical partition 20GB /root, 2GB swap, 38GB for /home, fully updated.
btw. I am new to Linux so commands if any help a lot