openSUSE 11.4, dual monitor, which radeon generation to choose? no fgrlx.

Which AMD graphics card generation should I choose for good out-of-the box support of a dual monitor setup?

Two 1920x1200 monitors, dvi, no gaming, no blue ray, no proprietary drivers.

Should it be Radeon 1xxx/2xxx/3xxx/4xxx/5xxx/6xxx video card series?


Welcome to our forum. I have AMD ATI RADEON 6970 and 5850 both are perfect graphics cards. Well in my opinion choose 6970

AMD Radeon™ HD 6970 Graphics

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Thank you for the welcome.

With respect to my specific question, does “Well in my opinion choose 6970” translate to:
Yes, you can confirm that AMD radeon generation 6xxx works out of the box with a dual head monitor configuration, openSUSE 11.4 and no proprietary drivers? And that radeon generation 6xxx is preferable over previous generations?

I also suggest you ati 5850. Drivers are not stable I have not drivers in my pc. I have only motherboard’s chipchet drivers, amdxorg for video drivers and amd profiler for my amd processor.

HD 3450 works on openSUSE-11.3 in a dual head monitor configuration and no proprietary drivers (ie using radeon driver). It also works well with fglrx driver.

However openSUSE-11.4 RC2 was a regression over 11.4 RC1 w/Radeon HD3450 (and radeon driver) and booting without nomodeset does not work on the HD3450 hardware that I tested on 11.4 RC2. Nomodeset on 11.4 RC2 means radeonhd driver loaded (and not radeon driver). I do not know radeonhd driver dual head monitor functionality.

Note the ‘higher number’ ATI/Radeon HD hardware is more likely to have High Definition Video support (with fglrx driver - and offloading video decode from CPU to GPU - called avivo in MS-Windows) when ATI finally gets around to releasing sufficient information for that to be supported in Linux. Your guess is likely superior to mine as to when that may be.

The best for you is my graphics card 6970 or if you want, make patience and will buy AMD ATI RADEON 6990.
About drivers Mr oldcpu knows much information that me. I am skeptical about that.


thank you oldcpu! And extra thanks for pointing out the 11.4 RC2 regression!

hey everybody

ATTENTION: i have tried a fresh install of opensuse 11.4 today with my ATI radeon HD5750 graphic card, all is working out of the box but no dual monitor setup!!
i have tried to install fglrx but its not supported at this moment by ATI and it wasnt running at my system :frowning: switched back to good old 11.3