OpenSuSe 11.4 display problem solved in my case >>>


Here I would like to share quick story for those who facing black/Blank screen after logging in using KDE.

Scenario: Had above problem for 2 desktop pc’s. Screen would remain blank/black with cursor logo flashing with boot sound.

Resolution: at boot screen modify resolution and write following which may help you. In my case it helpd me >>

1024x768 nomodeset
And that’s it!!!

I don’t no the reason but seems like common bug in OpenSuSe 11.4
I had same problem on 2 desktop PC’s having old Intel chipset i.e. 945,915

I hope above info helps.


The reason for this problem is the driver being loaded via KMS instead of the Xordg config file.
On some graphics cards, this also happens when booting.
Please note that you still need to install proprietary drivers for your videocard, otherwise using nomodeset will result in X using framebuffers, which is terribly slow and you cannot use Xgl (Compiz/KWin 3D features).

Agreed with your LRE. Even if I log off from current user, screen goes blank and I have no choice but to reboot my desktop PC. :frowning: Seems like will have to install OpenSuSe 11.3

It might be worth trying a newer kernel. I have no experience yet with any of our old i815/i915 machines, but it has avoided the use of proprietary drivers on newer machines. kernel-3.2.38 is in the Kernel:/HEAD repository.

You can try but keep in mind that opensuse 11.3 also uses KMS, you need to go back to 11.2 in order to have a system like the old times, with Frambuffers in the console, Xorg for the X server and Sax2 to configure it.