openSUSE 11.4 and LSI Megaraid not working

I am installing openSUSE 11.4 on a Supermicro Quad core board with a pci-e LSI megaraid card and the installation goes throught fine but once the pc reboots and boot off the hard drive a boot error accurs now i installed openSUSE 11.2 and all is well
What is wrong in 11.4

When you mention a boot error, most people like to know what the error is. That could help in analyzing the problem. Also a description what you see happening (like Grub menu yes/no, etc.) might help. Most of us are not clairvoyant (those who are wouldn’t use computers I guess :wink: ).

Sorry i thought you people knew everything HAHAHA.
I will reload again and get the error, By the way how do i capture the error when there is no prompt ot hash, because on the second bootup openSUSE still goes through the setup phase there is no grub prompt, but i will get back to you asap thanks

Pen and paper? In any case try to capture it as good as possible. We do understand that the are things impossible in life. But we do value when you at least try. And it certainly will help us to get more grip on your problem. Thus a description of points like:
. switch on the computer;
. BIOS splash;
. Grub …
. Then I do …
would be very valuable because, no we do not know everything, particularly not what you do in your own room.

Similar problem: opensuse 11.4 x86_64 on dell pe1950 with LSI mega raid 5.1.1

Installs fine from dvd image. First boot via kexec is ok. First real reboot breaks.

Bios starts. Detects hardware raid 10 (4 disks of 70gb each).
Hangs right there. As in, no GRUB, nothing or anything, not continuing with boot sequence. Still able to toggle num lock, ctrl+alt+del stil works.

Same procedure with opensuse 11.2 works fine. Reboot brings grub, system boots successfully.