Opensuse 11.4 and intel 8xx graphics card (i855 gm)

I would like to know if I will be able to work on my laptop with 11.4 , someone knows if something changed with hang/freeze issues?
Currently I have installed 11.1 but since repositories were removed no updates or new software for me so I’m considering installing something new.

Same hang/freeze issues on 11.4 RC2. I have not tried it yet on 11.4 GM.

But on 11.4 RC2, IF one disables special desktop effects, the period of the freeze varies randomly. I’ve seen it freeze after 5 minutes on a small number of occasions, but on more occasions I have had it run for 4 to 10 hours before a freeze.

Its still not satisfactory, and hence I’ve elected to keep 11.1 (with the 2.6.27 kernel) on my PC with the i855 GM graphics (where 11.1 is fortunately been chosen as the version for the EVERGREEN project, and hence support from the openSUSE volunteer community will continue on 11.1).

So we are very fortunate here as 11.1 works great with the i855 GM.

Do you need help learning how to change your repositories to work with EVERGREEN ?

It isn’t acceptable since I’m using computer for commercial projects and cannot work keeping in mind that my operating system can fail at random moment and I’ll lost results of my work.

At this moment I have Index of /repositories/openSUSE:/Evergreen:/11.1/standard repo added but I think that software base isn’t huge - for example I can’t find php from 5.3 line. I can compile some packages like I did with xdebug last time - but it’s ok for small software and becomes more time consuming to resolve dependancies.
Maybe I’m wrong and there are other repositories.


There should be NO dependency problems with Evergreen. If you have dependency problems then IMHO there is something strange in the setup on the PC you are using. Apologies, that is not intended as a criticism, but Evergreen is intended to continue (on a different repository) the “UPDATE” repository but with split from the old “UPDATE” repository. And the old UPDATE, OSS, and NON-OSS are still available, but are simply in a different location. One just needs to point their software manager to that location. Of course the old UPDATE, OSS, and NON-OSS are static now. Only the EVERGREEN repos will have new updates.

However the Packman packagers will still be supporting EVERGREEN with essential packman packages (essential as defined by the Packman packagers).

If you have rpm spec files from openSUSE-11.2 you can also try to rebuild them for 11.1 with something like “rpmbuild --rebuild application.src.rpm”. I provided some hints as to how that can be done: openSUSE software installation hints

But IMHO if you are talking commercial projects, then can’t you simply cut your losses, disable the i855GM hardware in BIOS, and put in a different inexpensive but supported graphic card? If its a commercial project you can afford that I would hope ? I think its worth a try.

Good luck.

Ok, thank you for detailed explanation and informations about upcoming release. Probably you have right and it’s time to invest some money into new hardware, I just not wanted to throw away working one just because somebody somewhere decided that I should do that(I’m talking about people who decided to merge new driver without providing working alternative for 8xx series users).

I have i855gm and had 11.3 with gnome preview running very well (without desktop effects enabled however). I did not read the forums thoroughly and did the 11.4 install last night.

I had a hard time to trick out the screens so I could see anything (as I moved the mouse around the windows show then disappear, and only for a second you could see what was actually running on the desktop as you moved the mouse around), and after I finally navigated to desktop effects and then disabled desktop effects, everything is working well. Not as good as 11.3 or 11.2 but OK. I Gnome Preview is a no go. I only can get the trash and home folder on the desktop, there is nothing else. As expected by oldcpu, I think.

I am going to have to go back (hopefully) to what I had before as I enjoyed it very much. I only did attempt 11.4 to go after Gnome 3 and FF 4 beta. Ovbiously, I have to concur and it is now time to get new hardware. I will just have to do it, must be done…anyone have a list of specs for a kickin laptop around $600.00 or less for 11.4, Gnome 3, great graphics card, etc…? (or that inquiry already existing in a different thread, please advise)

In Gnome and 11.4, as was mentioned navigating was a pain in the butt. Sometimes I would try and open a window and it would not show until I navigate to another virtual desktop and back again (Ctnl + Atl + arrow). Once I turned off the desktop effects it ran and I didn’t get any flickering.

In KDE on 11.4, that too had episodes where the location of a window would show the wallpaper image underneath even if there is a window open in-between. Likewise it corrected itself mostly when the desktop effects were turned off. Surprisingly, and I don’t know if it is the theme or something, the dolphin (or some configuration) window still maintained a slight transparency but the other changes were gone.

I have been tempted to turn on the desktop effects, but turn off all of the individual components and see if that makes any difference. If it does, then maybe slowly add things piece-by-piece and see how much or what it can handle.

This is based on my experience using a LiveCD (KDE) for a few maybe 20+ minutes, and LiveUSB (Gnome) for closer to an hour. At some point I am hoping to install one or the other but my initial gut feeling is that Gnome had a slight edge over KDE though it isn’t anything I can quantify at this time. Maybe if I get to fooling around with it over the weekend.

Few days ago I installed 11.4 as a second operating system (Gnome desktop environment) , after installation completed I disabled desktop effects since it was completely unusable (flickering black areas). After using it on daily basis I can say - so far, so good :good: - no freeze until now, I watched movie and some yt videos and everything was ok, sometimes there are some small font glitches:](


00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82852/855GM Integrated Graphics Device (rev 02)
00:02.1 Display controller: Intel Corporation 82852/855GM Integrated Graphics Device (rev 02)