OpenSuSE 11.4 adding KDE icons in panel near KDE menu

Can anyone please tell me how to place the application icons like terminal,Amarok,Kate in the panel, preferably near the KDE menu (as in link openSUSE 11.4 KDE - Superb)


Find the program in the Kickoff menu
Right-click on its icon, choose “Add to Panel”
To re-arrange a panel: Click on the “cashew” (Tool-Box icon)
When the panel tool box is open, the items can be re-arranged by left-click-hold and dragging
Click again on the cashew to return the panel to working mode.

Right click the desktop and choose: unlock the widgets
Now browse the menu to application you want to add and right click it and > add to panel

Now click the plasma icon in the right corner of the panel and you can now drag the icons and place them where you want them.
When done. Lock widgets