Opensuse 11.4 32 vs 64bit

Hello everyone I was just curious on how stable Opensuse 11.4 64bit is compared to 32bit atm. I am coming from Kubuntu Linux which has been my home for many years and I am also curious on how hard the switch would be to Opensuse. The reason i have come here is because I always wanted a KDE desktop with developers who’s main focus was actually KDE>Gnome. :slight_smile:

Welcome. In my opinion because I am programmer is that opensuse 64bit is faster than 32bit and more stable. But many programes are 32bit of course you can run 32bit programmes in 64bit operating systems. There are advantages of 64bit and disadvantages 64bit. Let’s tell advantages: Advantages of 64bit are many: First is that 64bit are more stable and have better performance than 32 bit systems. Second: in 64bit systems you can run 32bit programmes. That you can see in your opensuse in start menu–>applications–>system–>terminal–>32bit-Terminal Program. But you have one disadvantage only in 64bit:You can not run 64bit system in 32bit system or 64bit programmes in 32bit system. So the main factor is processor.
That’s general knowledge of programmer.

So 64bit>32bit

And Kde>Gnome:)

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openSUSE x86_64 is as stable as x86, at least for me, IMO openSUSE is
better in all way than ubuntu, I think you’ll have no problem :wink:


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I agree with your signature. I hope you agree with mine.:slight_smile:

What is your evidence that 64 bit is more stable than 32 bit? And where are the speed stats? It “appears” to me that 64 bit is faster, but I have not done impartial tests to prove it.