opensuse 11.3 x86-64 thunderbird 3.0.11 html font substitution

I have been doing some work on an mailing system and sent a test e-mail to myself. This had an html body and a paragraph for which the font was declared as itc zapf chancery , cursive. I know this is not a good choice but it was only a test. When displaying the html message in thunderbird, Zapf Chancery was not used and the paragraph displayed in some other font. If I go into preferences -> composition, I can display a list of fonts that includes itc zapf chancery. Thunderbird displays the html page without problems.

Does anyone else have this problem or is there a magic hidden option that I have not found?

I normally set thunderbird to display messages as plain text.

I was wrong about firefox. It was Konquorer that was displaying the page. Opera also has no problems. I think that there may be a problem with the html produced by openoffice. I just wanted a quick html test message. Firefox seems happy with itc zapf chancery on a web page that I did properly.

I think that we should abandon this thread as it appears to be an more of an issue with openoffice than thunderbird. I think that I am going to regret volunteering to fix this mail system