openSUSE 11.3 x86-64 firefox flashplayer problems

Firefox and flash have just been automatically updated to 3.6.17-0.2.1 & Flash no longer seems to work very well and right clicking on flash will cause firefox to freeze. These problems do not happen with Opera.

Has anyone else seen these problems?

Did you search the forums yet? IIRC there have already been threads about this.

I searched install, applications and multimedia and did not find anything. I did just search on flashplayer. This repeated breaking of working applications due to a lack of even minimal basic testing ( right click to see if the menu is displayed and works ) is getting really annoying. This is an opensuse problem. Even if the error is in Flash or Firefox, broken software should not be pushed out as an automatic upgrade.

I shall have a look at IIRC

Thanks for your reply

Anything that can go wrong … will go wrong over and over and over and over …