Opensuse 11.3 x64 install fails. Bug with logic on Raid detection

I found an interesting bug tonight, with a work around. I have an ASUSE mother board that has a Raid controller on it. In CMOS you can configure it as a sata controller or Raid controller. I had it set as just a SATA controller. Coincidentally, the drive I was going to use, came out of a raid array. Install got to 60% and would fail. In an alternate window, I found that it was failing because it could not find a Raid array. No way to get past this that I could see.

I found a 11.2 Live CD and booted. In the partition manager I saw that it was seeing the drive with an array. Even though it was only part. It must have seen the signature and jumped to that conclusion. I was able to remove the Raid data and save. I then booted with my 11.3 disk and I was able to get to the configuration portion.

Now off to find out why it says the 20gb /root parition is too small. ??

In any event, I think some logic needs to be put into the next release that asks the user for input, so you can tell it to ignore the array, or give the option to remove/destroy it. Thanks for a heck of a product.