OpenSuSe 11.3: uTorrent (Linux) shortcut issue

OS: OpenSuse 11.3 / 32-bit / Gnome. Updates to latest.
Issue: while using uTorrent Server Alpha (for Linux) i have encountered a shortcut malfunction. After the program was successfully installed[size=] (by that, i mean download and simply modify its settings to be able to execute it as a program, and double click on it & keep it running in a Terminal) and ran for the first time, it came to me that i should make a shortcut to the program, on one of my two “taskbars”. So i simply created one and correctly pointed to the application (i left it on my desktop). But after restart, i tried to access it via this shortcut and it indeed started, but returned an error, that the graphical interface (html based) situated and :8080/gui/ was not there, and that it should be downloaded. So i stopped it and went to the desktop folder & ran it in a terminal and VOILA, no problem, everything was good as new. What did i do wrong ?

PS: i was not running the program under sudo and i changed its default login configuration (from a simple “admin” username, to a proper username and password).

Sorry for the long post.
~ Blănoz.[/size]

You might have better luck asking in the uTorrent forum.

I think there are some scripts in the Linux section.

I decided to use Transmission, when I download openSUSE, and other legal torrents.