OpenSUSE 11.3 RC2 - Acer 4530 - Brightness notification on GNOME

Hi all!

I have an Acer 4530 (9100m Nvidia IGP) with OpenSUSE 11.1. I have never managed to get the brightness notification on GNOME to display when I hit Fn+keys to set the lcd brightness.

Now that I decided to upgrade (11.3) I tested my system with the GNOME LiveCD. Everything is working, but the brightness notification isn’ t!

It works under Mint 9 and Fedora 13 on default boot.

One thing I noted is that gnome-applets-brightness is able to control the brightness also, but the Fn+keys don’t change the applet’ s state (it seem that the keys are not binded to whatever part of GNOME).

Can you help me sort this out?


Same problem here. I have a Samsung R430 and the brightness, or any fn key, is not working. If i use teh applet on gnome or kde, it does nothing.

hi all. Have the same problem on laptop Samsung R510
On opensuse 11.2 x86 i had to simply add acpi_backlight=vendor, then use xbacklight to set lcd brightness.

Today installed 11.3 RC2 x86_64 have the same problem but:
acpi_backlight=vendor do nothing
acpi_osi=“Windows 2006” do nothing
acpi_osi= do nothing
any xrandr commands do nothing
xbacklight changes it’s value but brightness still maximal
cat /proc/acpi/video/GFX0/DD04/brightness changes it’s value but brightness still maximal
kde power manager do… nothing of course.

so, any ideas how to fix it?
samsung R510 xaa0ua, intel 4500mhd

If it was me, I’d be filing a bug report…
here is similar problem, no known solution