openSUSE 11.3 on Samsung n210

I’ve up until recently been using Mint on my n210, but as I really liked the look of openSUSE (Gnome) I have changed to 11.3. So far I love the distro, but I am having a little issue - some fn key combinations aren’t working (brightness in particular). When in Mint I was able to install a couple of programs made by Voria (from Linux On My Samsung), is there such a program for openSUSE?


When you installed opensuse, did you install the laptop pattern? That has a lot of files necessary for typical laptops. I imagine it applies to netbooks as well.

Hi Rod,

Thanks for the reply. I am unsure if I installed the laptop pattern (I’m a bit of a Linux noob), is there anyway I can check without having to reinstall?

Thanks again!

Yes. Go to yast, software, then in there you should be able to select “patterns” from a dropdown. Then you’ll see all the patterns on the lefthand side and you can just check it then install.