OpenSUSE 11.3 on Intel Core i5 with Integrated Graphics + Intel H55 Express Chipset

Hello! I’m thinking of buying a corei5-660 on a motherboard with an Intel H55 Express Chipset.

Does anyone know if it’s fully compatible with OpenSUSE 11.3 ?

I mean video (that comes from the processor, not an off-board PCI), audio (HD Audio), networking (Intel® 82578DC Gigabit), SATA Controller, USB, etc.

I’ve tried to google but didn’t find much info so I wonder if anyone is using or knows where I can find more info about it…

I have found this thread on the forums about the H55 chipset: Core i3 Intel Clarkdale graphic controller problem

But the problems were facing on 11.2, I don’t know about 11.3…

Thanks in advance!

add a nvidia card to it , a low end will be fine for anything except extreme gaming .
11.3 works fine on my i5 ,GeForce GTS 240

You could download a liveCD of openSUSE, and then try booting to the liveCD without installing anything. That will not give a decisive answer, but it will provide a reasonable indication if the road will be smooth or very rocky.

From what I’ve read about the chipset, the only problems it has are with compiz. Seems like everything else works fine.

Hello! Thanks for the answers! I could really download the livecd and boot, but I would need to do it AFTER buying the computer, so you know what the problem is…

About adding a nvidia card, it’s on my list of options… I’m making a high search on web and depending on what I find out, I will or will not add it…

The main problem that I’m seeing seems to be the integrated graphics… I don’t know if it only will have problems with compiz or maybe even if I try to enable 3D Acceleration.

Anyway thank you guys and wish me luck! =)


I’ve installed openSUSE-11.3 on a machine with an Intel i5-650 CPU (Integrated Graphics) on an ASUS P7H55-V board (Intel H55 Express Chipset).
Grapic runs fine.

However I notice a boot message
‘WARNING: BIOS bug: CPU MTRRs don’t cover all of memory, losing 512MB of RAM.’
I dont know (yet) if this it’s normal to lose 0.5GB of RAM even if I set BIOS Video-RAM with 32MB.

Thanks WolfGrossi! Actually now I’m considering a P55 with off-board video and not an integrated graphics processor… it will be more expensive but a little faster and will be more compatible with Linux I think…

I have to mention that I’m just running into an interesting problem with disk-performance:
A dd of 2GB with openSUSE-11.3 performs with ~32MB/sec whereas
with openSUSE11.2 it performs with ~177MB/s (see also my post in Install).

Disregard this message!
Performance is ok (about 177MB/sec) if setting AHCI in BIOS before installation.