OpenSuSE 11.3 on Dell Inspiron 6400

Anybody getting any issues with OpenSuSE 11.3 on their Dell Inspiron 6400?

Mine was fine, running really well, up until today when I installed the latest updates to the OS and now everything is running very slowly on account of Xorg running at a pretty constant 80% CPU usage!

Anybody got any clue what may have gone wrong with the last update?

No issues on different h/w (with 11.3 64bit), but it may be useful to know that one of the last updates I applied was to xorg-x11-Xvnc that also involved xorg-x11-server.

Crikey - that sounds like the issue then - xorg is behaving very erratically… slow to refresh screen, random killing of xserver :frowning:

Out of interest, how did you find out what was in the last update?

Also, any suggestions for a fix?
Maybe roll back to previous version of xorg server?

Its only one possible clue, so don’t jump to a conclusion. I remembered, as it was recent. I checked YaST>Software>Online Update, selected all patches on left hand side, and highlighted the patch – you can read some description of what the patch does.

As for rolling back or backing out a patch, without a previous image copy of the system available, I better be cautious here as I haven’t needed to do it (fortunately, eh) for updates. You could reinstall the original two packages I mentioned, from the 11.3 oss repo, but perhaps someone else can confirm this should be ok. You may have to reapply any updates prior to the last one (for the said packages).