Opensuse 11.3 - no DHCP assignment

I just finished a fresh install of 11.3 on an HP 7900 small form factor and have no network connectivity. In Network Tools eth0 shows the state as inactive. Network Connections didn’t have a connection, so after letting it create one there is no MAC address. I copied and pasted the MAC address from Network Connections eth0, set up a static address with default gateway, netmask, etc. all set appropriately and rebooted. Still no joy.

I want this to get an address via DHCP, I just set up a static address for testing.

11.2 sensed the NIC without issue, but 11.3 doesn’t seem to like me right now. Any advice is very appreciated. I wanted to get this deployed on 40 machines today. Oh well…

Too many unknowns.
Particularly curious is your claim there isn’t a MAC address (at the very least it’s burned into the silicon of every NIC device in existence). Probably need to know exactly what utilities you’re running to verify your info (like ifconfig and/or iwconfig).

Without more info, would recommend for starters removing the existing DHCP lease (in your DHCP server) forcing your NIC to re-apply for a new one.


Please post the result of the following command:

hwinfo --netcard

Also, assuming your are connected to a router/dhcp, what happens when you issue a dhcp request?

su -l
dhclient eth0