openSUSE 11.3 - KNetworkManager crashes and the connection problems.

Hi all,

I have been having problems with knetworkmanager. I am working on Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop with Intlel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG (Golan) network card which is supported by the kernel. The sequence of events is as under:

  1. I reboot while the wireless network is working.
  2. After reboot, the knetworkmanager icon appears in the tray but pointing it gives: Network is disabled.
  3. Go to Yast and just change to ‘manual’ control; edit setting without changing anything and set the mode back to ‘networkmanager’. click ‘ok’.
  4. Wile Yast is writing network information and is nearing the end ‘starting network services’ the ‘knetworkmanager’ crashes and a crash docket appears.
  5. At the same time a warning appears ‘No network is available’.
  6. The crash docket gives the information which says:
    We are sorry KNetworkManager closed unexpectedly
    You can help us improve KDE Software by reporting this error.
    Learn more about bug reporting.
    Details : knetworkmanager PID : 2027 Signal 11 (Segmentation fault)
    I press the ‘RestartApplication’ button and the ‘knetworkmanager’ seems to start.

The ‘developer information’ tab gives a long list of technical problems.

  1. The dmsg output is as under:

iwl3945 : Failed to get channel info for channel 165 [0]
CE : hpet increased min_delta_ns to 11250 nsec
iwl3945 : Failed to get channel info for channel 165 [0]

  1. The KNeworkManager button in tray shows that it is not connected. On clicking the button, the wireless connection is shown on the ‘notification’ with my ESSD shown there, but ‘not connected’. On clicking the ESSID, it starts the connection and the wireless internet is on.

The above is repeated every time I reboot.

I would love to file a bug report but am not familiar with the procedure. Also, I have no time to learn this complicated procedure of filing the bug report.

Could someone please help and suggest a solution to the above problem?