OpenSUSE 11.3 + k3B 1.0.5


I’m trying to revert back to k3B 1.0.5 on my new OpenSUSE 11.3 installation as it’s the only version of k3B that doesn’t give me problems. However, I can no longer find it in Packman.

Could someone please recommend a way I could go around installing k3B 1.0.5. I have kde3 libs installed already, for kid3 (An ID3 Tagging program I like)

Thank you so much.

1.0.5 is the version that comes with KDE3. If you have added and enabled the KDE3 repositories, you should be able to search on K3B and install the KDE3 version. You should also see version 2 (or 1.93) which is the latest versions you could uninstall if you wanted to.

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…or you could open a thread about your actual problems with the KDE4 version of K3B.

Online update has just offered me K3b 2.0.0 which I used yesterday without problems.

Hm, there are some more complaints about k3b and repos in 11.3 on the forums.

The complaint being that Update tells there is an update for it, on installin that update it refuses because there is a Pacjman version installed. And then it tells there is an Update. Loop!.

Could it be that k3b is no longer on Packman and that those people have to switch back to OSS/Update?

I do not have 11.3 running, thus I can not test this. The thread is here: Can’t stop an update…

So I am running K3B 2.0.0.-8.1 from the KDE4 Distro repository and it works just fine. I have made bootable DVD images from it, made data DVD’s and an Audio CD so far. K3b can do even more than that, but surely this indicates it is working properly from the following repository.

This above version is newer than the version that is on Packman at version 2.0.0-1. I have not verified that there are any issues with this release however.

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My problems with k3B are as follows:

Data DVDs do not have any data written to them when being read by either OpenSUSE or Windows. (As in, I burnt stuff to them, but Windows won’t recongize anything, and OpenSUSE asks me if I want to copy the data, but then shows there is nothing on the disk)

Also, when burning .m2ts files to a disc for playing in my Playstation 3, the PS3 can’t see any files on it either.

So basically, burning data just does not work for me. So I’ll just stick with what does work for me. :slight_smile:

Hm… K3B generates a logfile with every operation, maybe you should post that. It’s weird in a way, because the KDE4 version uses the same backends as the KDE3 version.