openSuse 11.3 : Install hangs at 0% "Disk Preparation"


I’m new to openSuse and the installation of 11.3 64bits hangs at the beginning just after the configuration phase. I’m trying to install it on dual boot with Windows 7 32bits.

Is this a known issue ?


This is problably on CD/DVD, you must to burn on speed 2x, I download and burn 2 days ago, both DVD and Live CD.

Any question about installation… I am here!

Check this

Yes and please provide more information about the machine you’re going to install OS 11.3 on.
Is it a 64bit capable cpu? Did you check to make sure you have at least 1 free partition for OS 11.3 x86_64?

What part of the configuration phase?

The problem was solved, I shrank windows partition manually in windows before installation, and it worked, thank you for help.