openSUSE 11.3 free radeon drivers for how long?

Here a new fresh openSUSE 11.3 installed where everything works like a charm :slight_smile:
The only worry I have now is about the default free radeon drivers (r600) where they seems to be working well but clearly it’s not same as my past openSUSE 11.2 with fglrx.

I heard about that the fglrx driver is not yet ready for oS 11.3 because of the X version is that right? If so, do we “ATI radeon” users have to wait for AMD for the supported drivers to get a better video acceleration?

Check the AMD driver solution thread above this one. The solution was originally developed for the 11.3 betas and RCs, but has been further tested (by myself, among others) with 11.3 GM. The script patches the Linux Catalyst 10.6 installer to accomodate openSuSE 11.3. While the primary users are expected to be HD5xxx (which aren’t supported by the FOSS driver as far as either 2D or 3D are concerned), any HD series GPU owner running openSuSE 11.3 could find this script useful.

Thanks PGHammer. I have already seen that thread but not sure if it is really the best or maybe more solid/secure (if you know what I mean) option to get your ATI video chip on top. Anyway I think will give it a try :stuck_out_tongue:

I almost forget to mention that the W.O.W. game (maybe as a reference) works well except by the character model issue (blank models) that I can’t make work. Also I can’t run it with opengl. For sure this may be r600 failures.