OpenSuse 11.3; Dell Lattitude E6510 touchpad not working propperly.

Hi all,

I recently bought a Dell Lattitude E6510 and installed OpenSuse 11.3 (64 bit, KDE 4.latest) on it. Everything is working well except the touchpad! It just doesn’t scroll and I can’t configure it.

The symptoms: touchpad works, only no scrolling.
When running KDE touchpad settings (controll panel -> touchpad), I get the following message:

Warning: Touchpad configuration is not supported on this system. The synaptics driver is either not loaded or too old. Refer to the documentation for information about the required driver version.

Yast -> Hardware Information tells me the mouse is on bus PS/2. (there is no driver entry)

How can I configure the mouse correctly? I followd some posts on the internet telling me I should create several files in /etc/hal/fdi/policy/, so I did. However, they didn’t fix my problem at all.

Hope some has the knowledge and is able to help me!


There are two touchpad programs available for KDE; go to YaST>Software management and enter ‘synaptic’; kcm-touchpad should come up. Install it and then configure the touchpad with it and see if it works. If you Search for ‘touchpad’ two options will come up; select the one with the longer name.

john_hudson, thanks for your reply.

Kcm-touchpad (or synaptic) is not my registered repositorities (also not available on the obs). I downloaded it from, and installed it. However, no luck.

Running the kcm-touchpad, it shows me under “Informations” that the touchpad name is “Device not found”. Everything is grayed-out except the Smart Mode options.

It seems that the system does not recognize the mouse as a touchpad, but as an ordinary mouse?

Are there other suggestions?

Sony Vaio Z12 - same problem here. If anyone gets this working please tell us about it.

just found solution to our problem. Adding i8042.nopnp option to kernel during the boot (or just put it in /grub/menu.lst) loads synaptic module.
My question is what does i8042.nopnp flag means?

I have a dell latitude e6510, after a little beginning problem with a blank screen, solved with nodepmode and updating everything, now is ok but the touchpad doesn’t work prperly, I can move cursor but scroll doesn’t work, and system settings doesn’t recognise it so I cannot set, I tryed adding i8042.nopnp in bootloader options but doesn’t solve, any suggestion??

I am noticing the same problem with a Dell Inspiron 15R.

As far as I can tell:

Booting into openSuSE (cold boot) - the driver loads properly.
Rebooting from Windows 7 to openSuSE - the driver sometimes loads and somes doesn’t load. If I have a usb mouse plugged in when using Windows 7 and rebooting, then I think it always fails to load.
Rebooting from openSuSE to openSuSE seems to fix the problem.

Presumably, Windows is leaving the touchpad in a state that the openSuSE driver cannot handle.

The touchpad still works when I have the problem. However, my settings don’t work. In particular, I have it set in KDE to disable the touchpad when there is another mouse, and that setting does not work when the driver fails to load properly.