OpenSUSE 11.3 Clone Problem

I encountered a problem like …
Want me to fall back to … (y/n) ?
I read some solutions & it says changing the etc/fstab & boot/grub/menu.lst .
my question is, how can i access these two ? i cannot use sudo command because it is not recognized . and etc/fstab displayed permission denied .

You need root privileges to edit system files. Become root in a terminal with

su -

then launch a CLI editor

or use ‘su -c’ to start your favourite CLI editor as root like this…

su -c "nano /etc/fstab"

little vague on your description but let me guess. you cloned a working 11.3 openSUSE and put it on another machine//?

In any case yes each time you create a partition it gets a new UUID this is used by the boot process to identify a partition.

Boot with a live version mount the new root partition in /etc on the new partition you will find fstab edit that and change the long UUID identifier to the new ones you can find in /dev/disk/buy-uuid/

you can then boot using the install disk boot from hard drive option. run yast - boot loader and make a small change maybe change it back then accept this should reinstall grub. or from command line

grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg
grub2-install /dev/sda

where sda is the boot drive

su command is not recognized

i used the same machine, i just cloned it for bckup .

You need to explain more fully the steps that you took to clone your OS. Commands as intrinsic as ‘su’ should be available, so something has gone awry with your cloned environment. There may well be other critical problems with your install.

It might be useful to check

echo $PATH

I’ll leave others to dig in to this further. I don’t fancy going down the rabbit hole…

The only thing I can say is that you should not tell only your conclusions like “sudo is not recognized” (I never saw such an error message). You should show what exactly happens. Thus copy/paste from your terminal into the post beteen CODE tags the # button in the tool bar.

And like others, when sudo and su are not available, you seem to have a really broken system.

And a completely outdated system. Don’t rely on such a system. Upgrading of such an old release is something I would definitely not suggest. My 2 cents: time for a clean install of Leap. The new 42.3 is just a couple of days away.