OpenSuse 11.3 and KDE 4.4.4 theme problem

After an upgrade to OpenSuse 11.3 KDE has gone to worse.
I am beginning to believe that dark themes are impossible to use on the new KDE 4.4.4.

The only theme that works properly is Air, but I find it to much white. Aya or Elegance theme have problems showing the buttons on plasma elements, so has any other theme but Air. Trying to switch to an additional dark color theme (Obsidian Coast) does not work properly either.

The buttons on plasma elements are invisible (the button panel that appears when the mouse is over an plasma element). Sometimes different elements are distorted, i.e. icons, text input boxes etc.

I wonder how it is possible that the developers at KDE can make it worse. This worked perfectly on OpenSuse 11.2 and its KDE version.

Was this a fresh install or did you install over an existing openSUSE version? I saw similar issues until I went in and refreshed all my KDE4 packages


With the upgrade from 11.2 to 11.3, did you try creating a new user to see if they also have the problem? If the new user does not have the problem, then it’s most likely a problem with your .kde4 folder.

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It was a fresh install.

How did you install the themes? From kde-look or through Yast?

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I installed them from the application where I select themes. The option to get more themes.

I had this problem before I downloaded additional themes. The theme Aya was installed with KDE.

The theme glassified does not have this problem. The buttons on the plasmoids are visible, but the rest of the problem are present.

I am puzzled by this as my 11.3 desktop looks almost identical to 11.2 (other than the cosmetic changes). There is very little white anywhere, whatever application I open. Most are enveloped in pale grey. I wonder if the problem is a video setting rather than anything in the software.

Have you tried playing around with the Desktop Theme Details. It is in Systemsettings > Advanced. This is where you can chose different plasma themes for various things like the Pager, Panel, Widget Background and so on.

Now try this. Start off with a theme that works, and then bit by bit replace it by the one(s) that you like better.

I have a similar problem with a fresh install. Plasma buttons dissappear etc, it’s really weird. And where in heaven’s name is the oxygen theme? there’s supposed to be a black one :frowning:

I did as you suggested. I started with the theme Glassified and changed all elements for the Elegance theme.

However I still have some problem with the icons on the KDE pager (they get distorted) and in some applications. If I close the application and open it again the graphics are not distorted. The only thing I can think of is the graphics driver and OpenSuse 11.3 now uses nouveau while in OpenSuse 11.2 I used NVidia. Hard to explain further, if I could add some images of these distorted graphics it would explain better.

I don’t think that the cause of the distorted icons on your pager is your plasma theme.(But I could be wrong of course) Does this happen with all the application icons? What is with icons of applications that do not get their icons from the KDE icon theme? Like, let me think, MidnightCommander.

And adding images to your post is fairly easy. Just take a screenshot, save it to your HD, upload to something like ImageBam - Fast, Free Image Hosting and Photo Sharing, and then link to it from your post. When you take the screenie you don’t have to capture the full screen, a region is perfectly fine. And when you save the image, you ideally chose .png as a file-format suffix and hence as image format; the .jpg format distorts somewhat.

Similar problem here with fresh openSUSE 11.3 install. Most of the highest rated themes for the plasma workspace don’t work right. They leave krunner with blank icons, the active program in the taskbar doesn’t highlight correctly. What could be the problem? Ideally I would like to use Nitro and have it look as it does in the screenshots and as in Kubuntu.

I have just done a fresh install 11.3, has a lot of problems for me, main menu on task bar doesn’t open for 2 - 3 secs can’t get my printer to work and so on and so on. Going back to 11.2 seems to be the best option at the moment. Will wait until 11.3 has been de-bugged by the experts and try it again maybe next year. Disappointed

Box Intel Core 2 E8400 8gb ram 2 x 1tb samsung hdd sda = win 7 sdb going back to 11.2 nvidia 9800GT so nothing out the ordinary.

I filed this bug:

Have 11.3 installed now. I did an Upgrade when prompted. There was one error message something about Samba not loading? I don’t use Samba as far as I know so ignored that. Once “Upgrade” was complete I su -> vi /boot/grub/menu.lst and added nomodeset to the line “kernal” etc in the boot menu and saved. I then added nvidia to the repos and accepted the files that appeared in “Software manager”. Restarted the computer and all my settings were intact and working ok. The only difference I have seen is the colour of the screen at boot and when I click on Computer is shows I have 11.3 installed but its “Newer” so its got to be “Better” right?

Hello. What is the status on this issue ? I updated my openSuSE 11.3 machine today and the issue is still present : can’t install any theme, login-screen theme, window style or icons pack …